Midget White Turkeys - Midget white turkeys are for lack of a better term, a "bantam" breed of turkey on our farm. Our line of purebred MW males reach an average of 14 pounds live weight and females around 8. We breed specifically for small size, thriftyness at the feeder, and intelligence for clever foraging in a family farm environment. Our mature midget whites are typically not greedy feeders which is important for families on a budget! They are known for being friendly and curious. Hens will go broody and set their own eggs. Unlike other turkey breeds, our midget whites hatch after an incubation period of around 26 days instead of 28 days. The poults are vigorous and have a naturally strong instinct to eat and drink without assistance. Hens lay an abundance of large eggs during the early spring/summer months. 

Note: Hatcheries typically sell MW where the toms average weight is around 20 pounds and might not share the personality and other traits of our midget whites. If you're looking for a small turkey that won't eat you out of house and home, QCU Poultry MW are for you! If you want a large table bird, then another breed or a larger variety of "midget white" from a hatchery might be preferable. 

midget white turkeys

midget white turkeys

midget white turkey

midget white turkey poults


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Poults - $12.00 each

Started trios may be available every Fall. Call for availability

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